Shipping to Multiple Addresses

1. Once you have selected the desired cookies you want to purchase, proceed to your cart.
note: if you want to send the same cookie type to multiple addresses you will need to select them individualy for each address. for example if you want to send one dozen doctor cookies to one address and two dozen doctor cookies to another address you will need to choose the doctor cookies and select one dozen and add to the cart. Then you would go back to the doctor cookies and select two dozen and add to the cart.
2. The first section in your cart is titled "customer." If you have an account with us, sign in. if you don't have one, you will need to create an account with us to ship to multiple locations.
Creating an account:
A. To do this you must click the "sign In Now" link.
b. Then you will see "Don’t have an account? create an account to continue." Click the "create an account" link.
C. Once you have created an acount, sign in with your new account.
3. now you have signed in, you will be in the "shipping" portion of your cart. You will see a link called "ship to multiple addresses." Once you click the link, you will see each item you selected to purchase with a box under each. You then you can add the address for each item.
4. once all of the addresses have been entered, click the "continue" button and it will take you to billing.